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About us


Kathy George with Ch Romainville Billy Whizz

Established in Glens since 1989 as breeders of top show quality Glen of Imaal terriers. We concentrate on good, well balanced temperaments. 


I have concentrated on breeding from only the best available, and all dogs here are crd3 clear. I have bred champions both here and abroad in both Glens and GSDs.  The first Glen we owned was Winni Wagatail who was purchased as a family pet for the children, and went on to become best of breed at crufts in 1993. She went on to be top winning female  for some years together with her son Rockabilly. She was top brood and Billy was winner of nearly 40 best of breeds. There were no cc’s at the time so they were unable to be named champions. 


I have judged extensively and award cc’s in both Glen of Imaals and GSDs, having judged Glens at Crufts the highlight of my judging career. i am also the author of many articles in the dog press and have given talks at seminars on the breed. My champion Billy Whizz was twice best of breed at crufts and top dog two years running and we have made up 11 champions to date.                                                                                                                       


I have tried over the years to expand the gene pool here in the UK. I began by bringing in Feohanagh Bryan who is behind pedigrees of champions today. Recently I purchased Marfidal Jerez Dulce from Finland  from fellow breeder and friend Leena Glans. I hope Jerez will combine successfully with my own lines. Over the years i have always helped other breeders and my breeding appears in a number of well known bloodlines.

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